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Data Validation


  • Quality evaluation of training datasets, including aspects such as bias and variety.
  • Validation of data labels.
  • Exaction and curation of validation and test datasets.

AI Model Evaluation & Testing


  • Model’s prediction result analysis and evaluation.
  • Based on metrics such as confusion matrix, AUC ROC, F1 Score, etc.
  • Sharing insights and feedback on model behavior to AI model developers.

Vision & Application Testing


  • Thorough QA and QC for images and/or video data ingestion.
  • Testing of data annotations, data labeling, and data ingestion format.
  • Computer vision-based test automation for visual testing.

NLP Applications Testing


  • Testing of NLP models’ recognition and predictions
  • Evaluation of Speech and NLP models based on metrics such as word error rate (WER), text similarity measures (cosine similarity, Levenshtein distance etc.)

Non-Functional Testing


  • Data scalability and performance testing for AI systems
  • System integration and API Testing
  • Security Testing

Robotics Testing


  • Simulation-based behaviour testing.
  • Debugging algorithms, testing object detection and response and testing defined goals.
  • Testing of hardware availability and unavailability scenarios.
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