Testing for the Insurance Industry

End-to-end digital testing services for all insurance segments. Including regulatory, performance, & security compliance.

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Insurance Technology Testing Services

Helping insurance companies across Australia achieve their commitment to quality.

From improved software functionality and performance to extensive digital transformations, we’ve got your back. Delivering secure IT solutions and improved customer experiences.

See some of our insurance testing services below…


  • Modernise legacy systems
  • Unify core operations
  • Synchronise end-to-end operations
  • Improve workflows

Automated Risk Control

  • Reduced business risks
  • Effortless transitions
  • Qualified decision-making
  • Compliance & standards alignment

Load Testing

  • Test expertise with non- functional test planning AND execution
  • Peak load performance
  • Functionality testing under load
  • Stability testing

Data Validation & Migration

  • API & Big Data testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Post-migration functionality verification
  • Data integrity validation
QA For The Insurance Sector

Embracing digital transformation.

Global and local insurers are driving technological advancements in their solutions to deliver an improved customer experience as well as gain competitive advantages.

Implementing the latest technologies can bring about reliable and secure solutions, however integration or legacy transformation can be challenging without the right experience on your team.

At luvo Testing, our team are well-versed in the insurance sector. Offering customised services in insurance testing that cover Life Insurance, Property & Casualty, Auto and much more.

We will enable you to optimise your testing practices and achieve your quality goals faster.


Ensuring the quality of your insurance solutions.

Let’s get on with it.

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Why luvo Testing?

Peace of mind

Standing by our level of service by offering a satisfaction guarantee, remote, on-site or offshore, we will WOW your customers by keeping them at the centre of your quality-led digital solutions.

IT delivery experience

Providing much more than just resources, with a strong track record across the larger insurance industry, luvo Testing will mitigate your delivery risks and inject quality at every turn.

End-to-end testing capabilities

Through Agile, DevOps, and the latest Engineering methods, we will help you deliver applications faster and release value quicker. Protect your position and be future-ready for growth.

Privacy, like never before

From PII to GDPR, keeping your customer details secure is of the utmost importance. Our certified experts improve the repeatability and effectiveness of your data privacy and security practices.

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