Testing for the Media Industry

End-to-end digital testing services for the media & entertainment sectors.
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Media Technology Testing Services

Delivering fast-moving digital solutions for the media & entertainment industries.

When you move fast, you break things, we’re here to help you fix them. We’ll deliver successful Testing frameworks and solutions that enable you to shine in this fiercely competitive sector.

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Core Systems

  • Role & permissions based testing
  • Device & browser compatibility Testing
  • Latency, frame rate & network connectivity
  • RAM usage & consumption
  • UI & UX Testing

Performance & Load

  • Testing functionality at scale
  • Identifying bottlenecks through load and capacity testing
  • User experience under load
  • Throttling/buffering tests

Focused Oversight

  • Structured testing methodologies
  • Scalability & convenience
  • Removing defects from your customer’s experience
  • Seamless team integrations

Flawless User Experience

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • UX
  • End to End journeys
  • Frictionless onboarding
QA For The Media Sector

Building a loyal audience

Online consumption is growing due to Smart TVs, Chromecast, game consoles, and many other devices, and consumers require a seamless, multiscreen viewing experience across all them, every single time.

Media and entertainment companies are raising the bar on quality with on-demand video apps and streaming media but this doesn't happen without effective and thorough testing. Maintaining a high-quality user experience whilst updating your capabilities is critical.

  • Improved release velocity, productivity & quality
  • Increased compatibility with an overall better experience
  • Cost savings on customer support through lowered call volumes

We will optimise your testing practices, creating and delivering reliable viewing experiences and increasing your customer loyalty and lifetime values.


At luvo Testing, our experienced team possess a wealth of entertainment content delivery experience. Our customised testing services will deliver:

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Why luvo Testing?

Peace of mind

Need a satisfaction guarantee? Remote, on-site or offshore, we ensure your apps and systems launch on time and include all of your customers’ dynamic UI needs.

IT delivery experience

With a strong track record of testing entertainment solutions, we know what it takes to build an effective and scalable Testing framework that supports your delivery platform. Your customers will thank you for it.

End-to-end testing capabilities

From our scoping and estimation frameworks to our execution of end-to-end test scenarios on your customer journeys. We provide a complete solution to uplift your Test Capabilities along with accurate reporting which ultimately results in an effective and well-received end product.

Usability Focus

Usability testing plays a crucial role in the media and entertainment industries due to an increasing responsibility to optimise user experiences and increase engagement across your diverse audience. Leveraging your insights on user interactions, you will improve your digital products and stay ahead of your competition.

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