Non-Functional Testing (the original 'NFT')

Identify and validate your software's performance requirements through Non-Functional Testing.

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Non Functional Testing Services

Elevate the performance of your Software with a structured approach to Non-Functional Testing.

While functional requirements often steal the spotlight, the non-functional aspects of your application are equally crucial.

From performance and security to usability and scalability, our seasoned experts leave no stone unturned, applying industry best practices and cutting-edge methodologies.

By integrating non-functional requirements early in the test cycle, we ensure a robust and reliable application. Experience flawless functionality and unwavering performance, empowering your users with an exceptional software experience.


Experience peak performance of your product.

Put it to the test.

How We Can Help

Non-functional testing services to give you the edge

Unleash the expertise of our dedicated testing team, armed with cutting-edge tools and methods, as they put their non-functional testing experience to work for your success.

Performance Testing


  • Evaluate the speed, responsiveness, and efficiency of your software application.
  • Measure system response times to ensure optimal performance.
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and optimise resource utilisation.
  • Validate software stability under different load conditions.
  • Fine-tune application performance for optimal user experience.

Load Testing


  • Assess system performance under anticipated loads to ensure scalability.
  • Simulate high user traffic and workloads to measure system behaviour.
  • Identify system limitations and capacity thresholds.
  • Ensure reliable performance during peak usage periods.
  • Optimise infrastructure to handle increased user demand.

Security Testing


  • Identify vulnerabilities and assess software resilience against security threats.
  • Evaluate authentication, authorisation, and data protection mechanisms.
  • Test for potential breaches, unauthorised access, and data integrity issues.
  • Validate compliance with security standards and regulations.
  • Enhance software defences to safeguard against potential attacks.

Usability Testing


  • Validate user-friendliness and ease of interaction with your software.
  • Assess user satisfaction, intuitiveness, and accessibility.
  • Identify usability issues, such as confusing navigation or unclear instructions.
  • Optimise UI design for an enhanced user experience.
  • Ensure software aligns with audience expectations and preferences.

Compatibility Testing


  • Verify software functionality across various platforms, devices, and operating systems.
  • Test compatibility with different browsers, screen resolutions, and mobile devices.
  • Ensure consistent behaviour across diverse hardware and software configurations.
  • Identify compatibility issues and provide necessary fixes or workarounds.
  • Maximise software reach by catering to a wide range of user environments.

Stress Testing


  • Push software to its limits to determine stability and performance under extreme conditions.
  • Test application behaviour under high concurrent user loads.
  • Evaluate system response during resource scarcity or failure scenarios.
  • Identify potential memory leaks, crashes, or performance degradation.
  • Optimise software resilience and recovery mechanisms for uninterrupted operation.
Benefits of Non-Functional Testing

Explore your product potential with Non-Functional Testing: Validating your application beyond functionality.

To arrive at a quality product, incorporate the planning and execution of comprehensive non-functional test scenarios into your activities.

Non-functional testing will:

  • Enhance performance
  • Improve user experience (UX)
  • Ensure robust security
  • Establish scalability and reliability
  • Validate compatibility across platforms
  • Evaluate resilience under stress
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