Offshore Testing

Maximise your testing budget by integrating a highly skilled remote team into your business.

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Uncompromised quality AND value

Building an offshore testing team can prove a vital asset for your business in this global climate. When you need top-notch talent for your team, why limit your reach to local resources?
If you want to explore offshore solutions, we can help. From short-term work items such as automating regression packs to building integral testing teams that happen to be offshore, we’ve done it all.
Benefits of Offshore Testing

Proven testing strategies with remarkable results

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Increased Capabilities

Build your team without the large costs that can be associated with recruiting onshore resources.

Faster Time to Market

Gain a competitive edge by drawing upon a large pool of skilled testing professionals to help you get your software out the door sooner.

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Industry Expertise

Free up valuable internal resources & delegate QA to a specialist team with experience in your industry.

Real Cost Savings

Employing remote teams brings savings on daily rates as well as infrastructure costs (office space, hardware, support etc.)

Offshore Software Testing Provider

How does Offshore Testing work?

We provide offshore testing resources through our overseas partners and manage every step of the onboarding, engagement and delivery.

Using an offshore team gives an advantage when pricing is a key factor or where the work item may be a centralised, labourious one such as automating a large manual regression test suite. Perhaps you don’t have specific project budget to cover an onshore team for this activity but can make it work at offshore rates.

Offshore QA is becoming an increasingly common choice as most IT teams are operating at least partially from alternate locations, working from home or with members moving interstate etc. The daily ceremonies of agile are now geared towards virtual operations, with most standups having an online video contingent as the norm.


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Why Offshore Testing?

Is offshore testing right for your business?

Benefits of offshore test teams:

  • Proven & well-adopted virtual communication channels.
  • Increasingly common and accepted approach.
  • Improved time to market.
  • Uninterrupted work cycles.
  • Lower costs.
  • Access to a large & skilled talent pool.
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