Testing for the Telco Industry

End-to-end digital testing services for the telecommunications sector. Crafting seamless communication and connectivity.

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Telco Industry Testing Services

Software testing for telecommunication businesses across Australia

Our telecommunication testing services cater to wireless communication, satellite communication, and internet service providers, helping them deliver successful IT solutions and quality products to excel in a fiercely competitive sector.

Whether it’s customer-facing applications or back-end infrastructure, we have the expertise to help you achieve your technology goals.

Specialised Support

  • Test management & DevOps
  • UX & QA advisory
  • Mobility, bill-to-bill & IoT testing

Automation Services

  • DevOps
  • Front-end & back-end operations
  • Bill processing
  • Web/eCommerce testing

Non-Functional Testing

  • Load testing, integrations & stability testing
  • Stress, volume & negative testing
  • Security testing
  • Production readiness testing

Functional Testing

  • Assembly & integration
  • Product testing
  • UAT testing
  • End-to-end quality assurance
QA For The Telecoms Sector

Testing to gain a competitive edge

Telco customers today demand the best service and quality. The software and applications to support this service should be flawless and uninterrupted.

A high quality user experience is critical.

At luvo Testing, our experienced team possess a wealth of telecommunications testing experience. Our customised testing services include:

  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Full mobile coverage
  • Flexible QA support
  • Agile, Continuous Integration, & Continuous Release support.

Enabling you to optimise your telco testing practices, creating and delivering secure customer experiences which meet regulatory compliance requirements.


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Why luvo?

Peace of mind

We back up our service with a satisfaction guarantee. Remote or on-site, we will delight your customers by delivering customer-first digital platforms as well as high-performing core systems.

Years of IT delivery experience

With a strong track record working on and testing telecommunication solutions, luvo Testing knows how to implement a robust test execution framework whatever the platform.

End-to-end testing capabilities

Planning and execution of end-to-end software testing. Plus, implementation of a QA framework to deliver an accurate picture of reporting.

Real-time checks

Comprehensive telecom testing solutions which allow real-time checking on quality loss, disruption, or anything that can affect the end-user experience.

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