Team Expansion

Boost your in-house test capability with our testing superstars.
Flexible models and engagements, scale up or down on demand.

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Technological expertise when you need it most

Growing your test team quickly with the right people is hard… luckily the team at luvo Testing have been building test teams for over 20 years, and know what it takes to uplift your team with the maximum impact and minimum fuss.
Working closely with your key members, together we identify what your ideal team looks like, one that suits your needs and the requirements of the project.

Trust us to build your capability without disrupting your flow.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Proven testing & delivery strategies with remarkable results

Operational Efficiencies

Grow your team without the common headaches of recruiting them yourself.

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Best Tech Talent

Get fast access to our large pool of trusted, skilled test professionals so you can act quickly on your changing needs.

Scaling Flexibility

Build flexibility into your capability – ramp up or down with specific skillsets on demand.

In-House Control

Acquire experienced staff with specialist skills while retaining full in-house control of your culture and resources.

Staff Augmentation Services

Expand your team to help your business when you need it

Using external personnel to supplement your in-house staff is becoming increasingly common, typically for meeting changing project or program needs, or bringing in short-term specialist skillsets.

An increasing number of companies turn to staff augmentation as a talent outsourcing strategy for increasing a team’s headcount and/or capability – without the need to hire full-time employees.


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Staff Augmentation vs. Managed IT Services

Which is better for your business?

Staff augmentation works best for delivering highly targeted and focused benefits, whether you’re completing a small, time-bound project, or need a quick remedy for extra resources to support peak business activities such as a key product launch.

Managed IT services work best in delivering big picture, holistic benefits such as long-term reliability, sustained regulatory compliance, and consistent service quality. Any support an MSP might provide is linked to those big-picture outcomes.

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