Outcome-Based Testing

Achieve specific quality goals with an outcome-based engagement.

All at an agreed fixed price.


Focus on your product quality

Achieve your quality goals efficiently and effectively within a set budget through an outcome-based engagement model.
Work closely together to agree on specific outcomes that are measurable and attainable, and designed to ensure the success of your software product in a production setting.
Benefits of Outcome Based Services

Proven testing strategies with remarkable results

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Clear Deliverables

Clearly defined deliverables will ensure the right staff & skills can be deployed onto your project.

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Meeting Milestones

Upfront & agreed milestone-based billing with frequent check-ins and full transparency and collaboration.

Tangible Outcomes

Well-defined quality goals enable measurement & ultimately the success of the testing delivery.


Agreed value delivered across the engagement with set deliverables and desired outcomes achieved.

Outcome-Based Delivery Model

Solutions built to meet your needs

The value of your product lies in its ability to achieve its purpose – the outcome.

In today’s dynamic and competitive landscape, keeping your desired outcomes in mind is critical when it comes to attracting, increasing, and retaining your customer base (and any associated revenues).

With mutual trust, collaboration, transparency, and governance, together we will assemble a testing solution that will achieve your goals.


Let’s create quality outcomes together.

Get in touch now to find out how.

Outcome Based Testing Engagements

Why choose an outcome-based engagement?

Some of the benefits of an outcome-based engagement for testing services include:

  • Increased ROI: Achieve your desired outcomes more efficiently, leading to a higher return on your investment.
  • Business objective alignment: Aligns the testing effort with your specific business objectives, ensuring that your software product meets your desired outcomes.
  • Improved collaboration: Creates close collaboration between the testing team and the business, leading to a better understanding overall of your business objectives and more effective testing.
  • Enhanced quality: Focuses on achieving specific business objectives, leading to a higher quality software product.
  • Faster time-to-market: Achieve your desired outcomes more efficiently, creating to a faster time-to-market.
  • Reduced testing costs: Ensures that the testing effort is focused on achieving specific business objectives, which brings about a more efficient testing process and reduces overall testing costs.

Outcome-based testing services provide customised and efficient solutions that help you achieve your desired outcomes by ensuring that your software meets your specific needs and objectives.

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