Robotic Process Automation

Free up your team to focus on higher priority work by automating those repetitive human tasks.

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Perform Tactical Task Automation

Simplify and automate workflows with RPA.

Whatever the industry, supporting business-critical workflows and processes has become increasingly complex for IT teams.

Test automation can have a positive impact. However, with labour-intensive activities, such as teams managing large data migrations or applying system-wide security patches, a smarter approach is required.

You need a process automation that’s easy to use and smart enough to handle high volume and rapid change.

Say hello to robotic process automation or RPA.


Supercharge your efficiency AND effectiveness.

Embrace the automation revolution with RPA.

How We Can Help

Streamline operations with our software robotics services and intelligent automation technologies.

Our automation experts can help you increase staff productivity and motivation. They achieve this by using RPA to free up your team to work on higher-impact activities.

Find out how you can deliver quality, efficiency, and ROI using reliable, maintainable, and scalable RPA frameworks.

Analysing Business Processes


All successful RPA projects start with identifying the correct business processes to automate.

Typically, these are ones that occur frequently and follow a consistent flow.

Once these processes are automated, valuable resources can then be redeployed to more pressing tasks to deliver better ROI.

Extracting Data from Unstructured Formats


RPA bots are able to leverage various technologies in order to read data from PDF or other non-structured inputs, extracting values into a structured format for entering into systems.

This is a key use case for making manual data entry tasks faster, more efficient, and less error-prone.

Removing Swivel Chair Tasks


Your team may not have enough knowledge or controls in place to implement a traditional integration between two systems, at a DB or API level, or it may just be too risky to attempt.

We can help develop testable RPA scripts that continuously extract data from one system at the UI level, and enter it into another (also via the UI) , creating a real-time integration solution.

Migrating Data Between Systems


When you are migrating data from a legacy system to a new one, rather than needing to understand the schemas of the two systems, we can create scripts that extract the data from the legacy system and re-enter it into the new system.

These migrations can be performed while the old system is still live, and can often provide a mechanism for dual-running during a cutover.

Pre-checking Data Based on Rules


By pre-processing all data inputs into a RPA script, we can separate the cases between the ones that are suitable for the bot to process, and the more complex ones that may require a human touch.

We maximise your ROI by focusing on the more frequent use cases and not over-engineer scripts for use cases that may not be a priority.

Appending Missing Functionality to New Systems


Sometimes Commercial-Off-The-Shelf-Systems (COTS) do not deliver functionality in the same way that your business processes work.

Rather than paying for amendments or over-customising a system, RPA bots can work around any missing functionality to deliver the workflow as required, without the need to engage additional human resources.

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The Benefits of RPA

Improve employee morale AND auditability.

By relieving the burden of manual repetitive processes, RPA gives your workforce the opportunity to focus on more engaging tasks and move forward to achieve greater things.

Everything RPA bots do can be monitored and recorded. Their actions and the data logged can be controlled to ensure legislative and business policy compliance.

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